Case Study: Quality monitoring

Case Study: Quality monitoring

The Monitoring of nozzles or lacquer charges, for example after the production or inline can help to secure a high quality standard. Using the SpraySpy®-technology you have a cost and time saving quality monitoring system to promise your costumers a constant product quality.
The underlying process was developed by AOM-Systems together with well known industry and research partners.

Case Study:
The video shows a simulated quality monitoring process at a standard nozzle. In the beginning the nozzles runs smoothly with the target spray parameters. After a few seconds we manipulated the process. Now you can easily see on the screen that SpraySpy® detects the change of the spray parameters in real time (most obvious to see in the two graphs on the bottom). Seconds later the manipulation is fixed again and you can see again in real time how the parameters are changing back to the original ones.
Now insufficient quality of a spray process can now easily be detected. Therefore you can promise a consistent quality standard to your costumers.


Example of the quality monitoring at a nozzle

Follow this link to the SpraySpy®Video-Page.

Measurement for the quality monitoring of the droplet size and velocity at a bell atomizer using SpraySpy®

In order to monitor the spray parameters (bell rotation, shaping air and volume flow) SpraySpy® was used to detect variations in the spray parameters. Therefore, the droplet size and velocity was measured with varying spray parameters.


Please see the SpraySpy Process Line for more information