Case Study: Spray Coating

In the car industry the SpraySpy® technology can be used to develop and test new lacquers or nozzles. Furthermore, the equipment manufacturer can use the SpraySpy® technology for non-destructive and real-time spray process quality monitoring.

Using SpraySpy® the spray process can be monitored inline during the production process. The relevant safety measures for the car industry production processes can be fulfilled. Working under ATEX and/or a high voltage environment is possible.

Product Information:

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Measurement of automobile paint from a rotary atomizer (BetaBell)

Video of droplet size and velocity measurement of automobile paint with the Time-Shift/SpraySpy®-Technology. The spray was created with a rotary atomizer (BetaBell – with friendly support of LacTec GmbH).

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DIN SPEC 91325 conform measurment of a pneumatic spray at a GunPainter

Video from a SpraySpy® DIN SPEC 91325 measurment of the droplet size and velocity in a spray of a GunPainter pneumatic gun (GunPainter – with friendly support of LacTec GmbH).

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AOM-Systems Product facts:

1Measurement devices and sensors from AOM-Systems are specially developed for industrially applications.
2Measurement devices and sensors from AOM-Systems work in backscatter and are therefore compact and do not require calibration.
3AOM-Systems measures the original (production) process and spray material. No substitute liquid or replacement process are required.