Case Study: Injector Nozzle

Injection nozzles are used in various applications in the industry.

Fuel is injected into engines and NoX reduction systems like AdBlue is used in exhaust systems.

Here you can see an example of e measurement result from an AdBlue-Injector.

SpraySpy characterizes as well such injection systems easily and precise. The spatially resolved information, won by using SpraySpy, is used for the development of new injection systems for example or for the set up of numerical simulation models.


AOM-Systems Product facts:

1Measurement devices and sensors from AOM-Systems are specially developed for industrially applications.
2Measurement devices and sensors from AOM-Systems work in backscatter and are therefore compact and do not require calibration.
3AOM-Systems measures the original (production) process and spray material. No substitute liquid or replacement process are required.