SpraySpy Lab Line

The SpraySpy® Lab Line


The SpraySpy® Lab Line is specially developed product group of measurement systems for the individual demands of Researchers and developers.

The instruments measure spatially resolved single droplet events. As a standard these information will be calculated into histograms and standard characteristic performance parameters. In addition the measurement results are saved and can be evaluated individually.

Different patented innovations are implemented into the SpraySpy®-technology. This makes SpraySpy® products easy to use and a reliable expansion of the established droplet measurement technologies.


SpraySpy® Highlights:

  • Simultaneous measurement of size and velocity of drops
  • Characterization of the momentum and flux density
  • Measurement and separate analysis of transparent and non-transparent drops
  • Measurement of the detection time of each droplet
  • Inline measurement of the spray quality in the production process
  • Easy-to-use without adjustment
  • Measurement under explosive conditions (ATEX) and during electrostatic atomization

SpraySpy® Measurement range:

  • Droplet size:                   > 1 µm
  • Droplet velocity:            < 100 m/s


Further Information:

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