SpraySpy Process-Line

SpraySpy® Process Line


The instruments of the SpraySpy® Process Line are developed for the (inline) quality monitoring of industrial coating processes.

SpraySpy® Process Line instruments measure the droplet size, droplet velocity and the amount of drops, doing so SpraySpy® identifies the variance within the spray, if required even with ATEX zone 1 classification.

Spray monitoring with SpraySpy® can help to prevent up to 60% of the most common paint coating defects (based on the “trendbarometer by besserlackieren” in issue 03/2019).

These instruments can be connected, for example to the process control unit of the production. Therefore, the system can act automatically if a variance of the spray occurs. In addition this allows saving a log-file automatically for the process documentation. This leads to a higher failure detection probability as well as it is the base for data driven (big data) processes.

Different patented innovations are implemented into the SpraySpy®-technology. This makes SpraySpy® products easy to use and a reliable expansion for the quality monitoring.


SpraySpy® Highlights:

  • Simultaneous measurement of size and velocity of drops
  • Detection of spray anomalies <2%
  • Inline measurement of the spray quality in the production process
  • Real time detection of up to 60% of the most common coating defects
  • Measurement under explosive conditions (ATEX) and during electrostatic atomization


SpraySpy® Measurement range:

  • Droplet size:                   > 1 µm
  • Droplet velocity:            < 100 m/s


Further Information:

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