Measurement Services

SpraySpy® – Spray characterization services

Measuring droplet size and velocity for transparent and non-transparent particles and droplets, for instance to evaluate a spray nozzle or an existing process.
Characterizing the size and velocity for each detected droplet or particle results in a diameter-velocity-diagram.

Measurement process:

1.    Preparation ( approx. 1-2- Weeks ahead, alternative on-site preparation)

·             Shipping of specific material and components

·             Installation and pre-tests

·             Adaptation and adjustment of the system on specific requirement

·             Clarification of potential extension or limitations of the measurement

·             Definition of relevant parameters and targets

·             Discussion of the physical impact of the expected results

2.    Measurement

·             Introduction to the system and demonstration

·             Execution and validation of the measurement as projected

·             Variation of different parameters

3. Finalization

·             Data validation against the given physical spray parameters

·             Validation of results

·             Data analysis and theoretical discussion (on request)

·             Mathematical and graphical preparation of results (on request)

·             Data transfer (approx.. 3 working days after the measurement)

Measurement Range:

·             Particle/Droplet size range:           1 µm-1000 µm

·             Particle/Droplet velocity:               1 m/s – 100 m/s

Measurement Options:

The measurement can be performed as a point measurement, as a line measurement or as an area measurement. Please see this link in order to see the differences of this measurement options.

Further information:
If desired the measurements can be arranged as in directive DIN SPEC 91325 specified. Further information about this you will find here.

Product information:

Link to the SpraySpy brochure

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Analysis of a bell rotary atomizer

Measurement for the quality monitoring of the droplet size and velocity at a bell atomizer using SpraySpy

In order to monitor the spray parameters (bell rotation, shaping air and volume flow) SpraySpy was used to detect variations in the spray parameters. Therefore, the droplet size and velocity was measured with varying spray parameters.

DIN SPEC 91325 conform measurement of a pneumatic spray at a GunPainter

DIN SPEC Messung GunPainter

Video from a SpraySpy® DIN SPEC 91325 measurement of the droplet size and velocity in a spray of a GunPainter pneumatic gun (GunPainter – with friendly support of LacTec GmbH).

Example videos from contract measurements

Measurement of a water spray

Measurement of a water spray from a hollow cone nozzle

Video of a droplet size and velocity measurement of a water spray through time-shift-/SpraySpy®-technology. The spray was produced with a Schlick hollow cone nozzle (90°).

Link to more videos