SpraySpy – Analysis and Monitoring for Sprays & Atomization


The analysis of drops and particles in flows is often an essential monitoring or diagnostic task in process engineering, for example in spray coating. For various reasons existing particle measurement systems are not suitable for those applications, especially if non transparent drops, like in suspensions or emulsions, are to be characterized in size and velocity.

Different patented innovations are combined in SpraySpy®. The result is a real-time in-situ measurement system for R&D and inline process measurements.


– Measurement of the individual droplet velocity and size

– Detection of the volume flow rate, the droplet momentum and the concentration of particles within droplets are possible
– Analysis of all kind of liquids
– Non invasive and inline measurement, developed for inline applications in production processes
– Flexible and convenient usage
without calibration
– Explosion protected (ATEX) and high voltage proof version for electro static painting available

Field of Applications: 

– Various R&D applications
– Monitoring of spray processes for the quality management (inline spray monitoring)
– Characterization or comparison of sprays, lacquers, nozzles or spray guns
– Smart maintenance of spray equipment

Measurement range:

– Droplet & particle size range: > 1 µm
– Droplet velocity:                        < 100 m/s

Further Information:

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Measurement for the quality monitoring of the droplet size and velocity at a bell atomizer using SpraySpy

In order to monitor the spray parameters (bell rotation, shaping air and volume flow) SpraySpy was used to detect variations in the spray parameters. Therefore, the droplet size and velocity was measured with varying spray parameters.

Measurement of a pneumatic spray (automotive lacquer)

Video of a SpraySpy®-measurement of the droplet size and velocity in a spray of a pneumatic gun.

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The working principle of the SpraySpy® technology:

Video from the D.F.O series of lectures during the Paint-Expo 2014 in which Prof. Tropea (TU Darmstadt) explains the working principle of the SpraySpy®-Technology.

AOM-Systems product facts:

1Measurement devices and sensors from AOM-Systems are specially developed for industrially applications.
2Measurement devices and sensors from AOM-Systems are flexible and easy to use and work without calibration.
3AOM-Systems measures the original (production) process and spray material. No substitute liquid or replacement process are required.