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SPRAYSPY® - Analysis, Monitoring & Digitization for Sprays

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The measuring instruments of the SpraySpy® LabLine product family are designed to meet the requirements of researchers and developers.

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(Process monitoring)

The sensor systems of the SpraySpy® ProcessLine are designed for inline quality monitoring of industrial coating processes.

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Based on the patented SpraySpy®-technology we produce sensors and measurement devices for smart sprays.

By using innovative optical measurement techniques and machine learning algorithms we develop high-tech measurement devices and sensors for the quality monitoring & process automation of production processes and for R&D applications.

Our customers are operators, supplier and plant manufacturer of spray processes as well as public and industrial research departments, worldwide.

Our products:

  • SpraySpy® LabLine: Droplet and spray measurement technology for  lab and research applications
  • SpraySpy® ProcessLine: Measurement technology for production monitoring, automation and digitization of coating processes

The SpraySpy® measurement technology

The SpraySpy®-technology is a laser based sensor & measurement system, measuring each single drop in the spray individually by its size and velocity. With the artificial intelligence (AI) based SprayAI® Software, SpraySpy® can detect and control even smallest variations in the spray.

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SpraySpy® measurement as a service

Of course, we also offer our technology as a service within the scope of a contract measurement.

SpraySpy® Weltweit

The SpraySpy®-technology was developed by AOM-Systems.

“AOM-Systems – Your Partner for Smart Sprays


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