AOM-Systems – Your Partner For Spray Quality

Sensor & Measurement Technology

AOM-Systems provide Spray and droplet measurement devices for lab & analytical applications as well as sensor systems for the production process quality monitoring. SpraySpy® is a new laser based sensor & measurement system. Each drop is characterized individually by its size and velocity. SpraySpy® is easy to use and measures transparent and non-transparent droplets – even under explosive conditions (ATEX) or with electrostatic atomizers.

Applications for the SpraySpy® are in laboratory environment, for example in the development of new nozzles or paints, or in the quality monitoring of atomization processes in production environment, to increase the probability of failure detection in production.

These new R&D and production quality monitoring opportunities are offering an increased spray quality for you. Therefore, SpraySpy® supports you in your goal to reach a higher product quality at lower production costs.

This is why AOM-System is your partner for spray quality – and SpraySpy® is your scout in the spray.