AOM-Systems: The Developers of the SpraySpy-Technology

We specialize in optical particle characterization:

  -  To measure the size, velocity, amount, vloume flow rate and the momentum 

  -  of transparent and non-transparent droplets in sprays

  -  with a non invasive real time measuring technique

  -  for laboratory, process monitoring and process automation applications.

Quality Management and R&D for Spray Processes – with the SpraySpy® Technology

Spray processes play an important role in process engineering. However, the research & development of such processes exhibit potential for optimization. And the quality management of these production processes is often limited or only indirectly and off-line possible. But, with the SpraySpy®-technology (made in Germany) this is now changing.

Examples for the optimization of spraying processes in different applications:

For operators and equipment manufacturers of spray based processes we offer different solutions: