SpraySpy® - Your Partner For Spray Quality

Based on the patented SpraySpy®-Technology we produce sensors and measurement devices for sprays.

By using innovative optical measurement techniques and machine learning algorithms we develop high-tech measurement devices and sensors for the quality monitoring of production processes and for R&D applications.

 Our customers are operators, supplier and plant manufacturer of spray processes as well as public and industrial research departments.


Our products:

The SpraySpy® measurement technology

The SpraySpy®-technology is a laser based sensor & measurement system, measuring each single drop in the spray individually by its size and velocity. With the Artificial Intelligence (AI) based SprayKI® Software, SpraySpy® can detect even smallest variations in the spray.


The SpraySpy®-technology was developed by AOM-Systems.  AOM-Systems is your partner for spray quality – and SpraySpy® is your scout in the spray.




Testimonials & References

“Fantastic partner for liquid particle measurement.”

Dr. Benjamin Eggart, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.


"[SpraySpy is] a very good tool to examine the spray parameters of lacquers"

Frank-Peter Tiegs, Axalta Coating Systems Germany GmbH


„[The measurement technology] AOM-Systems allowed us to focus on very specific parameters of our sprays and to validate some performances on a microscopic scale."

Martin Roth, Sames Kremlin