New research publication: Light Scattering of Complex Particles

Publication from Mr. Lingxi, Li ( TU Darmstadt 2020) on the topic:

Particles with complex shapes and compositions are omnipresent in industrial processes, such as encountered in the chemical, pharmaceutical, automobile and food industries. For instance colloidal drop, i.e. drop with solid particles dispersed in them, are inherent in the spray drying process used frequently in the food industry. Thus, in order to optimize such processes, there is a need to characterize these particles in terms of size, colloidal (solid particle) concentration, the size of the inclusions and possibly also velocity. The present study addresses this need for drop characterization and concentrates on some particular examples of complex particles: drops with single embedded spheres; drops with single embedded platelets (e.g. aluminum flakes); and drops with multiple micro or nanoparticle inclusions (colloidal suspension drops). The characterization of a homogeneous spheroidal particle has also been studied, serving as a validation and reference case. … (Part of the abstract)

The full publication can be studied under this link.