SpraySpy ProcessLine

The SpraySpy® ProcessLine


The sensor systems of the SpraySpy® ProcessLine are developed for the (inline) quality monitoring of industrial coating processes, this makes them so unique.

SpraySpy® ProcessLine instruments measure the droplet size, droplet velocity and the amount of drops.  Those data are processed by artificial intelligence (AI) based SprayKI® algorithms to detect automated even smallest anomalies in the spray.

Spray monitoring with SpraySpy® can help to prevent up to 60% of the most common paint coating defects (based on the “trendbarometer by besserlackieren” in issue 03/2019).

The sensor systems can be integrated inline in the production line, doing so you have an automated 24/7 quality monitoring of the production process. The integrated sprayKI® Software analysis the data in real time and classifies the process into OK or NOK – – throughout the running process.

Saving the monitoring data gives you a Log-file of the quality level. In addition, the data can be further processed, for example for smart maintenance or closed loop applications.  

Different patented innovations are implemented into the SpraySpy®-technology. This makes SpraySpy® products easy to use and a reliable expansion for your quality monitoring.

SpraySpy® Highlights:

  • Checking of the spray quality by monitoring the drop size, velocity and the spray density
  • Measurement under explosive conditions (ATEX) and during electrostatic atomization
  • Detection of spray anomalies >2%
  • Patented SprayKI® software technology, based on artificial intelligence
  • Inline measurement of the spray quality in the production process
  • Real time detection of up to 60% of the most common coating defect


SpraySpy® Savings:

  • An explicit forecast of an equipment wear out and a contamination of the nozzle is optimizing your maintenance service. Therefore, services will take place directly before a defect – not to early and not too late. This saves production time and spare parts.
  • The reliable forecast of the process results in OK or NOK is sorting out pieces with defects, throughout the running. This minimizes cost of not used following process steps.


Further Information:

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